Electroacoustic. Experimental. Understated.

Sonically diverse label focusing on close relations with artists and creators.



Experimental electronic artist ALLAY explores and disconnects sounds and noises from all across the room. Largely focusing on rhythmic dimensions, the creator tries to narrate the atmosphere of each space.

A Co.

A Co. [or A Company] is the seductive soundtracking and instrumental experimentation of Thom Chapman [Fox Grin] and Mike Cap [B0lth].


Dmytro Tytarchuk

Independent British-Ukrainian artist composing music across variety of genres and experimenting with different instruments.

Knuckled Fruit

I'm an English professor. I make electronic music. Please read living poets. Say hey on Instagram (there should be a link somewhere...below? next to this? and show me what you are reading so we can geek out about it).

Joe Betz (Knuckled Fruit) earned a Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing (Poetry) from the University of Missouri-St. Louis. He is an Associate Professor of English, a dad, a poet, and a bad basketball player. After listening to electronic music for years while reading and writing, he began producing music that blends lo-fi, synth, and ambient elements to create relaxed yet energetic vibes. Work will be featured in a vinyl compilation with Vinyl Moon in 2021. An EP with DIKENA (UK), Music For Lo-Fi Postcards, was recently published, and work on a compilation with OIM Records (Oakland, CA) will go live at the end of May. New tracks will release every two to three weeks, and they will all fall into a general study music category-sometimes a little more IDM/EDM focused-sometimes a little more lo-fi instrumental focused!

Lectionary 173


lostintime is a project trying to bring some more peace and calm into an increasingly hectic and distracted world, through the medium of ambient music. 
 the goal is simple - get lost in time

Low Key Trampoline

“Music should be of the moment, an outward transmission from our hearts, a decisive reflection of our internal landscape” 
 Low Key Trampoline is a Minneapolis-based musican, producer, and lo-fi creator of ambient/jazz/post-rock electronic music for RIGHT NOW


MUSTLORD creates deep ambient sound-worlds, using processed electric and acoustic guitar samples. Chords are abstracted and stretched beyond recognition, forming the basis for hypnotic drones where only occasional shards of the original melody pierce the murk.

Additional albums and ambient mixes are available at:

· https://mustlord.bandcamp.com/

· www.youtube.com/channel/UC1EsTmVWUZaY4fAmPn1DpVw


ToxicOmega is an indie producer seeking to share his otherworldly sounds and tell majestic stories through his Avant Garde approach to music.