Our Technology

dB's release and artist metadata is integrated into the blockchain via the use of smart contracts.

Our supply chain is simplified by direct deals and aims to deliver content and collect royalties faster than our contempories.

Everything starts with you - the Artist. We oversee your creations and make sure that it meets our industry standard. Your content will undergo studio monitoring from our engineering team, ensuring the highest audio optimisation in regards to streaming platforms.

The next step is distribution and delivery. We deliver your content via our direct deals to a multitude of different platforms, whilst making sure that any personal data is encrypted.

Our content pitching team ensures that your work is well represented and is seen ahead of release by editors at DSPs.

Post-release, the data is tracked and managed via an analytics platform, that all our artists are invited to join.

Over time we will continually pitch and promote releases retroactively to DSPs and elsewhere.

We collect royalties via our distribution and collection partners and make them available to the artist at the earliest possible time.

In late 2021 we will be giving our artists access to the powerful tool 'Original Works' which allows our artists to withdraw royalties in real time, when it suits them.