dB (formerly ASMRdB) is an audio company founded in 2019 with an aim to give more power to independent artists and greater control over anonymity, security and growth. Acting as a label, distributor, publisher, rights management company and promoter, we are the one-stop-shop for anyone looking to monetise their creativity online.

Our integration with blockchain technology allows us to maintain anonymity and security for our artists’ works and metadata behind a layer of encryption.

Each project is tailor-made for our artists so they can focus solely on their creative pursuits.

In 2020...

  • 94% of our roster were included in editorial playlists across DSPs.

  • We managed and nurtured over 6000 releases.

  • Over 1 million monthly listeners on average.


Chris Davies, CEO

Chris founded dB with the vision of putting a spotlight on niche genres and independent artists showcasing their work online. Chris is an artist himself, having over 10 years of experience in audio production, working with artists such as Kelli-Leigh and winning the DVBBS remix competition for ‘Not Going Home’ in 2017.

Chris oversees dB’s operations and is also Head Engineer at American independent record label BonFire Records.

Oliver Gräsman, Operations Specialist

Oliver joined the company in the fall of 2019 helping out with a wide range of special projects. With a background as musician he soon came to appreciate the mutlitude and transparency of the company and has been providing marketing expertise and is a hub for artist communication.

He also is the head designer for dB and assists with audio engineering and large-scaled projects as well as general maintenance.

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